The Fountain Group’s objective is to spread healing, creative and beneficial energy. We do this by sending love to our focal points…..the Fountain in Alec Johnston Park in Hahndorf, the Victoria Square Fountain in Adelaide and the Obelisk at Port Elliot. We have no formal membership and no religious or political affiliations, we simply send good thoughts to any or all of our focal points whenever we can. The energy field we create by doing this is measurable. It encourages new levels of awareness and more positive, caring thoughts and actions in the community. Please join us in sending thoughts of love to our focal points whenever you can.\

Fountain Meetings in SA are currently Being held at Aldgate Community hall – Churinga Rd Aldgate on the First and Third Thursday of Each Month 

If you wish to make contact direct , phone Trevor Curnow 041 140 1416 or emaIl witchabilia@